Fragstats 2


This program was originally written for Unix and DOS platforms by Barbara Marks and Kevin McGarigal. They released the program and its source code into the public domain.

We have created a Macintosh and Power Mac native version with identical functionality. Our code provides a Mac interface "front end" to what is basically a batch mode program. In this version, we have made no modifications which should effect the landscape calculations themselves. We have made some modifications to lower memory requirements, but nothing which should change the computed results.

We in turn are releasing our code modifications into the public domain.

Legal Stuff

We provide absolutely no warrantee that this code is fit for any particular purpose. We cannot provide technical support on the base code or algorithms on which it is based, since we did not write these. We would appreciate feedback about the interface, including bug reports or suggestions for improvements.

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Documentation(1.2 MB Postscript)

Documentation(1.8 MB PDF)

Release Notes

Using Fragstats with macGIS

The most convenient way to use this version of Fragstats with macGIS is to first export your macGIS maps as "ERDAS." This way row, column and cell width information transfer from program to program directly. An alternative method for macGIS versions 2.0.4 or earlier is to export the map and text. You will then need to respecify this information in Fragstats.

Since Fragstats currently supports very limited category labels (11 characters of fewer, no spaces allowed), you will need to export your macGIS legend labels as text, then edit in a word processor or spreadsheet to Fragstats' specifications.