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To People Interested in Geographic Information Systems;

macGIS 3.0 is now available. Building on the accomplishments of version 2.0.4, this new release adds a variety of new features:


 An example of a map draped over a terrain model in macGIS.

macGIS 3.0 streamlines all the steps involved in creating and using a raster geographic information system, from scanning source maps and digitizing new data on-screen to generating new maps and wire-frame views for use in desk top publishing.

Analytic functions include Boolean overlay, proximity and coincidence, visibility, and a wide array of statistical and spatial analytic tools. Features include a macro-maker which translates menu selections and mouse clicks into a text-based version of any analytic command which can then be edited, stored as a separate document, or re-executed.


 A shaded relief image of topographic aspect created in macGIS (see the Muddy Creek Project for many more examples).



macGIS 3.0 runs on any modern Macintosh (Mac LC or newer). We recommend at least 4 megabytes of RAM and a 200 megabyte or larger hard disk. The bigger your data sets, the more RAM and disk space needed. A 8 mg Mac is adequate for data layers up to 100,000 cells per layer. Several software packages are quite useful as companions to macGIS: MacDraw Pro or Canvas, a bit map editor such as Photoshop, and a scanning device. There are no special operating system requirements. macGIS 2.0 is System 7.5 and PowerPC compatible, and requires at least System 7.


macGIS removes the need for a digitizing tablet by making use of the Mac as an input device. Gridded arrays of numerical values can be input as data layers.

Software Support

We offer telephone support and hard copy documentation.

A Demo Version is Available

A demo version is available on floppy disk for $10 (or free here: macGIS demo). Demonstration GIS databases are also available here in small or large versions (the large version GIS is identical, but contains a detailed airphoto).


Ordering info

The price is $300 per copy. We cover postage, and delivery time is approximately two weeks in North America, three weeks to Europe. Significantly reduced prices are available to students, universities, and non-profit organizations. If you or your colleagues are interested in an academic or commercial version of macGIS 3.0, send a written request on your organization's letterhead and a check or purchase order in the appropriate amount to the University of Oregon. Make checks or purchase orders sent to the University of Oregon payable to "macGIS - Dept. of Landscape Architecture".


macGIS Attn: David Hulse
5234 Department of Landscape Architecture
School of Architecture and Allied Arts
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-5234
FAX 503-346-3626<


Thanks for your interest. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on macGIS 3.0.


David Hulse

Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture