The Springfield plaza during the day

This project was part of a Transit-Oriented Development (Calthorpe, et al.) study performed in conjunction with a planning studio at the University of Oregon. These designs were developed for a Mainstreet commercial node created by one of the student teams. I worked with the team to explore their ideas using 3D modeling and rendering. These images have been taken from the video output from that process.

Looking at the plaza from the East.

This is one of the multi-use structures in the node. Commercial uses, such as day care, are on the first floor, with residential or more commercial (in this case a rooftop garden-restaurant) above.

This model was developed as part of my terminal project for my Masters of Landscape Architecture. The study examines 3D modeling of processes of interest to landscape architects in site planning and design. This particular model was an introductory look at the processes of motion, light & shadow, and vegetation growth. Because of the size of the animations generated, only one is available at this site, illustrating a cycle-through of the model (the original has been much reduced in size and quality for transmission over the net):

(Mac format quicktime file 2.4 MB)

The software package used was Strata StudioPro, a moderate-priced 3D modeler, renderer and animator capable of creating photo-realistic images. It was run on a Powermac 7100/66AV. Other software=Adobe Photoshop and Premier.

Please email me at etarm@darkwing.uoregon.edu with comments or questions.

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