Process Modeling

Really, all of the above studies are process model studies -- of the processes of motion, vegetation growth, landscape time evolution. I think that what the computer can do for us (landscape architects) that we have trouble doing in other media is showing time evolutions, changes, motions. It has historically been unfeasible for us to render animations showing process. With modern desktop computers, 3D modeling and animation techniques, we can now look at a site dynamically and learn from it. This has its limitations as all representations of real places do, but it does give us one more tool in studying a site and our designs. The studies below focus on hydrologic and vegetation processes using GIS, 3D modeling and animation.

(800K Quicktime Movie) This is a simple soil moisture model developed by cycling colors in macGIS, pasting the resultant maps onto a Strata StudioPro model and assembling snapshots in Adobe Premier. Soil moisture was generated as a combination of infiltration (soil permiability + vegetation), overland flow (slope + 1/permiability + 1/vegetation cover) and subsurface flow (permiability + slope + height above water table).
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