Graduate Studio in Landscape Architecture

University of Oregon

This project examined the freeway interchange system and the spandrels within it to suggest alternative functions for these spaces. Our team consisted of Kate Kirsh and myself. We examined the system and linkages for their potential support of the urban ecosystem, namely with respect to hydrologic, energy and nutrient cycles. Below are presented thumbnails from our series of slides displaying the process and products. Selecting the thumbnails will present the full-size slides. The final product of this project was a multimedia presentation generated in Digital Chisel which let the user explore the project.

(320K) Evolution of roads and stream networks. In the last fifty years, streams have given way to roads. The predominant SE/NW highly dendritic stream patterns have been replaced by several drainage ditches which are confined within the road network.
(213K) Three ecological processes leading to design concepts. We examined several healthy system cycles in nature, looked at how they function in an urban context and created a configuration which melds the two.
(243K) A site for exploration of ideas was chosen at I-105 and Mohawk Blvd in Springfield, Oregon. Modeling and rendering for these images was done in Strata StudioPro and composited in Photoshop.
(222K) Diagrams of the site design concepts
(384K) The concepts applied to the site. The diagrams were done using Microstation.
(234K) 3D computer generated imagery. Modeling by Terrainman and Strata StudioPro, Rendering by Strata StudioPro.

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